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1960s Photo 3

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Courtesy Tom Lynn

Doug Taylor 10/01/12 - I think the camper on the far right in the front row next to Ring is Doug Taylor (from Meadowbrook), not Geiger. Also, that is Taylor in the middle of the 03A picture. That was a trip down the Susquehanna below the Goodyear (?) Dam. The dam let water out at the wrong time and most of our food was lost when one canoe capsized at a fallen tree. Also, one of our campers injured himself swinging from or diving from a huge willow over the river, bled heavily from a groin wound.

Charlie Burnham writing 06/06/12 - Yes, that is Jock McQuilken.

Tom Lynn writing 06/05/12
- Probably not a TFalls trip as brother Billy was only ever a second-month camper, and I think only "full season" campers could go on TFalls. That's why I think it's likely a Susquehanna.

Nick King writing 06/05/12 - I believe that I am the boy sitting next to Blake Goldsmith. Nick King. I also believe it was a Trenton Falls Trip.

John Mercer wiring 06/05/12 - The dog is "Ring." Back row far left is Jock McQuilken, I think. The one identified as Alan Spaulding is not, but is instead perhaps a Rowstow; there were more than one. This is clearly a Trenton Falls trip. I'll cc Tom on this; he'll know the back row.

Mac Mellor writing 06/04/12- So maybe its a Susquehanna for the smallest kids.  Then I think I found it.  Per 7/25/60 Homeletter, on 7/18, there was a Susquehanna for Tents 53A, 6 and 7.  Using the 8/60 tent list, 8:30s were also assigned to Tent 8, but I'd suggest someone from the era use the 8/60 list and try to identify the thirteen campers about to depart on their trip.  Note Geiger is in a 9:00, tent 5 in 8/60.

1960s Photo 03
Standing: Jock McQuilkin?, Dick Steinzig?, Bob "Mouldy" Pickett, _____, John Mckay, Dave Wilber.
Sitting: _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____.
Ground: Blake Goldsmith, Nick King, _____, Billy Lynn, Jr., _____, Ring, Doug Taylor.

The same group, wearing the same clothes,
can be seen ready to go on a canoe trip below.

1960s Photo 03a

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